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Article Title: Myths of Creativity
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Most people mistake creativity with everything except finding solutions. With what exactly do they mistake creativity?
In general, everything that is connected with art: painting, sculpture, writing, composing, photographing (photo-shopping), performing, etc.
An average, educated person considers creativity as a domain of any artistic issue that drives to create something visual, acoustic, or touchable; which people can experience using their senses.
This is the biggest myth about creativity and it has made thousands of people believe that they are not creative individuals at all.
This myth has driven so many talented people to false beliefs about themselves, causing auto-disapprobation, lack of courage and lack of auto-motivation, denigration and lack of satisfaction.
This myth has also been denying children off their intrinsic creativity due to their parents beliefs about creativity.
It has been said that the fear of being wrong stops people from being creative, but it is not the truth. Deeper than a fear of being wrong lays a fear of feeling ashamed, rejected, foolish, stupid. These feelings drive us to a lack of creativity in our lives. Do you recall how many times you have heard a parent say to their child: “Oh, come on, forget it, you’re not a crazy poet/writer/painter/actor, you should stop making up all those stupid stories now.”

Have you ever heard of a school where teachers teach creative thinking?

Have you ever seen a school where a creative solution has achieved the highest score?

Well, probably, this is the reason why every art school (or school of Arts) charges grown students such extreme fees…

Creativity at its roots is not about producing art. Creativity is about the way a human brain chooses to think and find solutions. Creativity is how a brain combines multiple threads from our memory (and experiences?) and our ability to imagine, and knits them into a new pattern, a pattern that can be used by others and serve others.
To imagine is not dreaming. Imagination is seeing a picture of something that you haven’t seen before. To imagine comes from Latin imaginari which means: “to form a mental picture to oneself”

Creativity is about finding solutions. Creativity is about solving problems that stop us from developing as human beings: as an individual, a team, a nation, a population.

People who were the biggest contributors to mankind weren’t artists.

What’s more interesting: most artists were, and still are, the less creative people in the world. Because most artists suffer from dissatisfaction, from being misunderstood by others (which simply means that the majority of artists are not able to create (sic!) a successful way to communicate with others and to achieve goals. They are stuck in a cursed circle of “not being understood” and have been fighting with everything except the creative world around them. Most artists are considered as too sensitive to face reality. Is this really about sensitivity? Or rather about a lack of sensibility?

Most artists struggle for money, for recognition, for popularity in order to achieve a better life, a life that allows them to create more art. Why is it so?
Because creativity is not an artistic issue.

Creativity is about finding solutions. Creativity is about making something from anything. Creativity is about joining, combining, merging and synthesizing. However, it is often about dispersing as the very first step.

Is this due to the fact that our parents, us, our children, have not been taught how to solve problems creatively in school? Only very few people out of the whole population can win The Nobel Prize? Alfred Nobel signed his famous will with the statement that “The income from the investments is to be distributed annually in the form of prizes to those who during the preceding year have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”

The greatest benefit on mankind.

Do you recall how many times have you heard a parent saying to his child: “Oh, come on, forget it, you’re not a crazy poet/writer/painter/actor, you should stop making up all those stupid stories now.”

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if, instead of paying so many millions for every Nobel Prize winner, we start teaching children how to solve problems? To let children become contributors to the greatest benefit for mankind. Teach them how to find solutions? How to combine already existing products and unleash their imagination to create new ones?

Creativity is when you take a single circle and then by adding 4 more circles – you become the inventor of the Olympic Symbol. Or, if you combine 4 circles together, you’ll get the Audi logo. You see, 1 circle less and you have a famous automotive brand. Is this so difficult?

And I think to myself that my friend is so wrong by saying that being a project manager is so uncreative and boring, denying and delaying self-development, and which gives so little to the world. Well, I would ask her to be a project manager for 1 month. However, who knows, maybe she would be able to waltz through it?

Once you stop identifying creativity with arts or artists, you are able to understand that you are as capable become as creative as much as you allow yourself to become. You have a memory, you have the knowledge you have gained, you have intuition (you may call it an instinct as well) and if you have courage to fail a couple of times – you can start creating new solutions.

You can learn how to be creative in your professional or private life even faster now as a mature person because you are not a child who could be easily silenced and even punished due to his ‘fantasy’ and imagination.

The only thing you need to find a creative solution is to believe that you can.

Yes, you can.
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