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Hi, my name is Ivy Huang, a freelance translator of English to Traditional Chinese translation,base in Taipei,Taiwan. I work with flexible hours depends on the work I receive, which means I am able to work for the company outside of my country, the different time zone won't be a problem for me.Please contact with me via, I am willing to receive any former translation test before you or your company decide to hire me,I am ready for your command.

Article Title: End of the Oil Age
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End of the Oil Age

Bill Reinert, an innovator of Toyota's gasoline-saving Prius, says carmakers aren't moving fast enough to cope with global warming and $100-a-barrel crude. Hybrids, plug-ins and electric-only vehicles must take center stage to help the planet avoid environmental and economic disaster.
Bill Reinert, who helped design Toyota Motor Corp.'s Prius hybrid, hovers in a helicopter 1,000 feet over Fort McMurray, Alberta. On this clear November morning, he's craning for a look at one of the world's largest petroleum reserves where there's not an oil well in sight. Instead, in a 2-mile-wide pit below, trucks head to refineries with loads of sand weighing more than Boeing 747s. Yellow flames shoot skyward as 900-degree-Fahrenheit (482-degree- Celsius) heat liquefies any embedded petroleum. Floating scarecrows and propane-powered cannons do their best to chase migrating birds from lethal wastewater ponds. Eventually, nuclear reactors may surround the crater 270 miles (435 kilometers) northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, delivering the power required to wring oil from sand.
豐田汽車所產的油電複合車設計理念創始人之一,比爾賴那特,正乘坐在一架盤旋於加拿大西部的亞伯達省內福特邁克默里堡,離地一千英尺的直升機裡。他引領而望著眼底下這片連半個油井都找不著的世界最大的石油田之一,然而就在下方一個佔地約兩哩大的大窪地裡,一些卡車正載著重量比一台波音七四七還重的沙堆駛往精鍊廠。 精鍊廠上方延伸出華氏900度(約攝氏482度)的黃色火舌衝向高空,這樣的高溫足以液化任何天然石油,就在此時,一旁空中飄揚的威嚇物跟丙烷驅動式大炮也邊盡責的驅趕在充滿劇毒的污水池上那群候鳥。最後,這些化學作用所產生的核作用堆環繞著位於亞伯達省愛德曼頓市東北方約270哩(435公里)方位的坑洞,展現了藉由沙粒精鍊出石油的過程所需的巨大動力。
"This is what the end of the age of oil means," says Reinert, 60, who plans the vehicles Toyota will make in a quarter century as national manager for advanced technology at the U.S. sales unit in Torrance, California. "The car-based culture, the business-as- usual of building cars and trucks, is going to change dramatically."
Since Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line in 1913, the world's automakers have relied on a single source of power--the gasoline-dependent internal combustion engine. Today, the twin threats of $100-a-barrel oil and global warming are convulsing an industry addicted to cheap, abundant petroleum. Auto companies, already hurt in 2007 by the lowest U.S. demand in a decade, are struggling to perfect cars that run on ethanol, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and household electricity. They're under the gun from California and more than a dozen other states to cut carbon exhaust by 2020 with vehicles that must get 44 miles per gallon (19 kilometers per liter) of gasoline, about double today's average. On Dec. 19, President George W. Bush signed a law that mandates fuel-efficiency of 35 mpg nationwide by that year.
自從亨利福特在1913年引進了裝配線,世界各地的交通工具產業便開始依賴以汽油為內部主要燃料的引擎裝置。然而到了今日,全球暖化危機以及高達一百美金一桶的油價高漲問題,這二大危機開始引響大部份的工廠開始大量使用那些便宜的石油。汽車工業在2007年已受到美國境內十年中最低汽車需求量的打擊,如今它們正努力的向那些能以酒精、柴油、天然氣、氫以及居家供應電等為燃料及動力的完美車種開發。 現在這些汽車工業正面臨加州以及其他超過十二個州政府所提出的產品要求,該要求為須於2020年限前出產使用一加侖油可行駛44英里(相當於一公升油可行駛19公里)且具低排碳量的高效能車種,相當於當今汽車普遍效能的兩倍。同年的十二月十九號,喬治布希總統擬定一項新法,該法明定自該年開始,全國上下的汽車工業出產的產品須達到每加侖可行駛35英哩的標準。
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