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I've been translating for Wydawnictwo KUL (CUL Publications) since 1996 and for various university departments: industrial psychology, pedagody, ornithology, biology and environmental protection (UMCS, Akademia Rolnicza Lublin). My translations are published in English Philadelphia list periodicals. I have also translated and edited / proofread several books for the faculty of theology and other texts for university staff. English native speaker teacher at the Methodist College of English and

Article Title: Protection for Internet Users in European Union Countries
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The information revolution comprises an important measure and at the same time carrier of contemporary social and cultural global changes. Present experiences with the development of new methods of communication have an ambivalent character. This particularly concerns the internet. The attitude expressed toward it sways between almost utopian, euphoric awe after the catastrophic vision to the globally stigmatizing net because of threats, which accompany it. Toward the many threats resulting from such things as maintaining internet contacts, the contents transferred by it, threats resulting from the behavior of the very internet users as well as the way of acting by others, the need to protect internauts is not disputed. Making this a reality demands theoretic consideration, which is elementary in this presented monograph.

The goal of the following publication was to analyze the whole of the European Union’s politics in forming the culture of protecting internet users on the subjective and objective dimensions. In particular, the legal and social aspects for such protection, which comprise this element, were verified by analyzing assumptions and actions of the European Commission and programs for the ability to utilize the global net, including social regulations and initiatives.

The essential element for protection is its legal dimension. However, this monograph does not claim to be an exhaustive presentation of Union regulations and legislations of particular member states and their full hermeneutics; therefore, it is not a dogmatically legal work, but concentrates on the press culture which functions in Member States, particularly its cultural and social dimension.
Even though legal issues are presented, this publication brings closer methods of the sociological approach as one of the forms entering into cultural awareness, disciplines with a multi-disciplinary character, undertaking an integrated reflection on culture treated as a unique whole (cultural studies). This cultural and social dimension of the publication is described based on its sources. They are comprised by the rules governing internauts’ behavior, which is created in two ways: from above – the initiative of legislators, who react to the appearing new spheres of social activity, for which they must demand legal norms, and from below – the initiative of net users, perceiving the need for such self-limitations.
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