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I am a mother-tongue English woman resident in the north of Italy with a Bachelors degree in English Literature and the Arts (Leeds University), an American Associates degree in Broadcasting (highest honors) and a background in journalism (NCTJ qualified), PR, television, marketing and photography. I now work as an Italian-English translator/editor/proofreader and teach English as a foreign language in local schools and businesses.

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Senza Maschera by Avikal Costantino - 40,000 word book about the growth of human potential translated from Italian to English

You don't need to be a philosopher or particularly spiritualist to realise that each moment is always new, that even when our minds tell us it has already happened, this is never true. Everything changes, continually.

Life is just like Heraclites described it more than two
millenniums ago; a river that flows continuously. Each time
we dip our foot into the water, what we are touching is a
completely new river. The river of existence never fails to
provide an ever-changing pureness, one moment after the
next. If we recognise this reality and simply accept the
evidence of its truth, then inevitably we’ll end up asking
ourselves how come life seems so often devoid of
significance, repetitive, stressful, like a storm cloud of
misfortune pelting down on us: A duty rather than a pleasure. A problem rather than a mystery. A sacrifice rather than an adventure.

If this is what you believe and feel, and it leaves you ill or frustrated, without hope or just restless, then ask yourself; if life is an inexhaustible source of new opportunities, a constant current of transformation and possibility, how come you don’t experience things this way? Where did you get lost? Where did you lay down the vitality of this moment and allow your old, boring, bygone, predictable past cover the present?
Where were you when you stopped moving and why do you
now cling on so tightly to this fixed and immovable thing?
What do you gain from this? What is so petrifying about

Recognising Obstacles
If you consciously accept that everything changes, what will become of your reality? That the approaching moment is
unknown and unpredictable and that the present moment is
the only thing within your grasp and that you can rely on.
The past has gone leaving just a memory, the future has not
yet arrived and you are here in the present, and this present is the ground from which your future moments will take shape and those that follow, and so on. Then a new question arises: how to approach this moment, how to enjoy it, how to live it as fully as possible? How can I be myself? How can I understand and experience the significance of the life presented before me, here, while I am writing, while you are reading, while I am listening to the wind outside, while you are sensing the heat of your body or listening to the sounds around you, while you are watching the words slide across the page in front of your eyes? Who is reading? Who is aware of how their bodies feel? Who feels warm or cold? Who is thinking about what they're reading? Who is aware of their thoughts, words and sensations? Who, from a hidden corner
in the soul, feels that there's more to existence than simply getting up in the morning, going to work, eating, sleeping,growing old and…. and then an enormous void ?
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