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Hello, thank you for viewing my profile.

This is Luthor Laine, I am a freelance Japanese to English translator.
I have 18 years experience with the Japanese language, as well as a Level 3 pass in the JLPT.

I would be happy to work on any Japanese to English translation projects.

Rates: US$0.10 ~ US$0.12 per word
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Article Title: Earth questioning the wisdom of humanity - the solution to global warming
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Earth questioning the wisdom of humanity
The solution to global warming

The National Center for Atmospheric Research in America announced a study warning of the effects of rapid global warming, such as the disappearance of most of the ice in the Arctic by the year 2040, due to global warming, together with serious effects worldwide to the environment, and increasingly apparent abnormal weather such as climate change. This has been conveyed by actual pictures from satellite photography, showing large scale drought and the expansion of deserts, as well as rising sea levels which we, as a maritime nation, have had more opportunity to witness. The urgency of holding frequent meetings to plan the conversion from a society of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal to a so-called recycling society, thus moving into an “actuality of a zero waste society” is a well known truth. To that extent, in the world, global resources are being used up in a flood of so-called “wasteful” things. Moreover, the balance of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases protecting the average temperature of the Earth's environment of about 15 degrees have, due to this society mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal and its use of fossil fuels, has collapsed, and carbon dioxide is increasing. If the rise in the average temperature of Japan for these 100 years continue, it is calculated that the average temperature of Japan will rise by 4 degrees in the next 100 years. According to the Ministry of Environment, this rise in temperature will mean that, in Japan, the following events are predicted.

First, due to climate change, in the Summer, monsoons intensify, more rain falls in places of high rainfall, and less in places of lower rainfall. On the other hand, in winter, cold air from the continent intensifies, and it is predicted that the amount of snow will be reduced. Because of these changes, the rise in sea level and deepening of depth associated with it cause bigger waves, attracting changes in coastal topography. These possible changes due to global warming, namely, the effects of “abnormal weather”, are certainly starting to happen already. Over the past 2 to 3 years, I think that many people have come to know about the monsoon fury, heavy rains worldwide and heatwaves from the news.


It is my hope that environmental protection and development capabilities aggregated from the human knowledge are acted upon in order to construct a zero emission recycling society and a renewal of the Earth's environment. It is now time to wring out our knowledge so that humanity can protect all life. To this extent, isn't it now time for men and women of all ages to think about the Earth? Hasn't the time come to think about the existence of living things, even to the micro-organism? The global warming problem must be a warning from Earth, a lesson of enlightenment and compassion to those who are opposed to the existence of life on Earth.

(Source: Undergraduate Committee Bulletin Issue No. 874, some corrections)
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