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My name is Silvia Munoz and I am from Barcelona but have lived in the UK for 14 years (my second home).

I am currently working as a freelance journalist, translator and proofreader for the Spanish Cervantes Institute in Manchester. My duties involve writing and translating articles in both English and Spanish, regarding the events held at the Institute. Researching and writing biographies of the guests, their work and its impact on the social scene in Britain and Spain, are some of the topic

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01:00:00 Q. The film “Un Franco 14 Pesetas” has been premiered today, what can you tell us about it?
01:00:07 A. It is about Spanish immigration in Switzerland in the 60s. So that we remember how it was not long ago so we take it into account when we live with immigrants arriving in Spain.
01:00:27 Q. What inspired you for this film?
01:00:29 My parents and I were immigrants in Switzerland in the 60s, so, it was the right moment to tell this story. Nothing has been done in Spain on immigrating in the 60s. We have to bear in mind that there were up to 4 million Spanish legal and illegal immigrants that moved around Europe. As Spain has a great number of immigrants I thought it would be the right moment for the film.

01:01:02 Q. What about your style in directing a film, do you have a personal style?
01:01:09 A. Not personal, I wanted to copy the Spanish and Italian neorealism in the 60s, to make a tribute to this style that I have liked so much.
01:01:24 Q. Were you expecting the success that it has received and is receiving?
01:01:29 A. One dreams it, and one is always scared it won’t work out. It has as I imagined.
01:01:39 Q. Lastly, what are your views on the Viva festival? Do you think it helps directors on the whole?
01:01:47 A. I only just got here, but the members of viva seem really kind and welcoming. We have felt much accompanied, we had a small educational event with youngsters who are studying Spanish that have just seen it, there were also older people there, and they all asked plenty of questions and enjoyed the film very much. This is all I can say as I have only been here 1 1/2 hours!
01:02:17 Thank you very much Carlos hope you enjoy your stay, thanks again and good luck with everything.
01:22:49 Your film “The night of the sunflowers” has been screened today at viva here in Manchester could you tell us about the film?
01:22:58 A. The film is half film and half drama, it’s the story of 8 characters that live in different places, of different ages. Their paths cross in an isolated area and their lives change. It’s the type of story that begins to gets more and more complicated.
01:23:20 Q. What encouraged you to make a film of this sort?
01:23:24 A. Well… firstly I was interested in the theme of violence and the rural topic and population in Spain, things that were happening in the 20th century, I thought it would make a good thriller of a disappearing world that has a lot do to with the characters. That is basically it, a story of different characters with this foundation. A thriller that would keep viewers on the edge of their seat!
01:24:01 Q. Were there many obstacles in the way during the filming?
01:24:06 A. Not really, the difficult part for a director is what comes before that, we spent 3 years trying to get this film together, finding the funding etc. We kept trying and eventually, we set a co-production with Portugal and Franceand when we got the money, we got the film started.It went well.
01:24:38 Q. How did things go for the film in Spain?
01:24:39 A. We are really happy with the result, it has been on show for 2 and half months, with 200,000 viewers and has been nominated for 3 awards. It has managed to be successful outside of Spain too. We have sold the project in England and other European countries. I couldn’t ask for more, for a 1st film. I am more than happy!
01:25:14 Q. I don’t know if you had ever heard of the Viva festival before, but now that you have, what are your views on it?
01:25:22 A. It looks fantastic, with great people a brilliant atmosphere it’s a great city. I hope to come back sometime!
01:25:37 A. Do you have any further projects in mind?
01:25:41 A. Yes, I have some in mind and I will start working on them this summer. I have taken about a year off to think about what I want to do.
01:25:55 Thank you very much and good luck with everything!
Next speaker
01:25:57 Q. Hello Álvaro, your film “¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?” has been screened here at Viva, can you tell us a bit about the film?
01:26:07 A. The film is a musical comedy with drama, it’s about 3 women who leave home, from the same family but different generations. Each one leaves for different reasons and their father, the man of the house does everything he can find them so they all find a reason to reunite.
01:26:04 Q. You were in a Spanish pop band called “No me pises que llevo chanclas” in the 80s. What made you change from music to cinema?
01:26:51 A. Well… I haven´t really changed because I had done some cinema before! We were a creative band and did theatre and I played the guitar during the plays. Suddenly, we became famous. Then, I started to prepare myself professionally for cinema and the change was not hard as I already had it all planned.
01:27:27 Q. Were the funds for the film hard to gain?
01:27:40 A. Not really to start with, because the producers are great! I presented the script to them and they gave me the opportunity with funds etc, and to carry out a well balanced production as it was complicated and expensive. For them, it was slightly more difficult I can imagine but they still managed to achieve, it was complicated but of high quality.
01:28:18 Q. Do you have any projects in mind?
01:28:24 A. Firstly, the new project will be to premiere the film in the summer. I have also been asked to direct a remake of an English film called “Saving Grace” that has been around for 6 or 7 years. The remake will be done in Spain and I will be director, I am also writing a film of my own.
01:28:54 Q. How creative! Well you haven’t been here long but, can you give us your impressions on the festival?
01:28:59 A. Surprised! I came with a short film of my own. I like it, great environment, the people, the Latin cinema, etc, We have been treated really well and we love being in Manchester.
01:29:19 Thank you very much and good luck with your projects in the future.
01:29:22 Thank you and I hope to come back soon.
Next speaker
01:29:27 Q. We have seen the film “¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?” Can you tell us a bit about your character?
01:29:34 A. There are various stories. In one of them, there are 3 women and they all leave home. I’m the youngest of the 3 daughters. I am a girl who is a bit misunderstood and I have problems relating with the rest of my family and also my friends and I get pregnant by one of them. So, I leave home. However, I find my path and so in the end, I go back.
01:30:11 Q. Did you have to prepare yourself in any special way for this role?
01:30:15 A. The truth is that I’m not introverted, so for this role I had. It was hard not to laugh etc sometimes so, yes! I had to turn cold!
01:30:29 Q. What did you like most about your character in the film?
01:30:33 A. Trying to understand a girl who feels very misunderstood and put myself in her shoes, in her way of thinking and feeling.
01:30:37 Q. Do you have any new projects planned?
01:30:39 A. Well… I’m only young really. I’m 18 so I haven’t finished studying yet and I'm starting drama at University next year. Then, I will start looking and getting involved in new projects.
01:31:06 A. Great, lastly, you haven’t been here long but what do think of Viva and Manchester in general?
01:31:12 A. It's great finding out that there is an interest in Spanish and Latin films in general... and it seems really good!
01:31:26 Well thank you very much and good luck with everything.
End of DVD

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