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My name is Silvia Munoz and I am from Barcelona but have lived in the UK for 14 years (my second home).

I am currently working as a freelance journalist, translator and proofreader for the Spanish Cervantes Institute in Manchester. My duties involve writing and translating articles in both English and Spanish, regarding the events held at the Institute. Researching and writing biographies of the guests, their work and its impact on the social scene in Britain and Spain, are some of the topic

Article Title: Interview, transcription and translation Film Directors and Actors
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Artist: Miguel Angel Belinchon

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Feature: “Urban Artist” by Janina Schindler

1. Style, inspiration, beginnings. How he became an artist

03: 18:38:21

I have been painting for 11 or 12 years now and I began graffiti cause, through a graffiti magazine, I learnt about the art of spray. Since then, I began painting until now and after so long, there has been an evolution, I have managed to get my own personal style, with better finishings. It takes a very long time to master the technique of spray art.


2. Why he started painting


I have always liked painting, I liked classical Spanish artists such as Velazquez, Murillo, Goya, etc. Before doing graffiti, I used to paint portraits and some other different kind of paintings and, from that, I learnt how to use “realism” as a form of expression.


3. Artists in Manchester


For me, Manchester has been and still is, an experience. What I have noticed in the city is that, each artist has its own unique style. There are many different styles, not only in graffiti but also in urban and gallery art. I am really impressed and I really love this about Manchester; the diversity, the cultural mix reflected on the painting.

03: 20:45:19

4. Art in the streets of Manchester

03: 21:04:10

I have not seen much art or graffiti in the streets. I have seen art in decoration, in tiles, urban stencil art but not many murals although perhaps I need to know this city a little better.

03: 21: 31:10

5. Cultural differences

03 :21:44:13

In my hometown Linares, in Spain, murals are to be seen very frequently but, the good weather helps a lot for this practice. Here, painting in the streets is more difficult; it rains and it’s cold so people are less likely to do things outdoors so instead, they tend to exhibit in galleries more.

03: 22: 13: 01

03 : 22: 24: 00

One thing I think Manchester needs is more colour, murals, art in the streets .. cause with this weather being so grey, I reckon buildings should be used to give colour, life and joy to the people passing by or strolling around.

03: 22: 49: 18

6. His work

03: 23: 54: 17

The global name of the four pictures I have in this exhibition is “Joy” and then each one has a different name within Illusion. This one behind me is called “Fury” and it represents an angry, pissed off child, with energy, vitality and then each of the other pictures has a different name and a different meaning although they are based on children cause I think kids are a very important part of our own existence. It is the base to what we are in the present and what we will be.

03: 24: 39: 03

7. His technique

03: 25: 04: 03

All the pictures in “Joy” have been made with spray, aerosol. There is no stencil, marker, pencil, brush nor aerograph; only spray. And that is it. There is no more to it, no more technique or trick. Maybe it would be helpful for the public to see me paint a mural in the street to understand how it is done cause this is all there is to it: spray.

03: 25: 43:17

8. Question 1 repeated from different camera angle

03: 26: 21: 07

I began about 11 or 12 years ago painting but after a while with a little more money, I began with graffiti after reading a graffiti magazine, which was in black and white, like a photocopy. I saw energy on it. I had never done something like that before so I said to myself : “Why not?” And I started slowly until now. My style has changed throughout time. Since 2001 I have been painting “realism” and “impressionism” in cartoonist style and this particular exhibition is based only on “realism”. Nut I am really open and experimental. I tried to find my inner style mixing different styles.

03: 27: 26: 24
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