The best curiosities about april fools’ day

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The best curiosities about april fools’ day

Warning! April Fools’ Day is just ahead

Nothing compares to April Fools’ Day when it comes to holidays. Despite the fact that its origins are uncertain (some people attribute the celebration to the beginning of the spring) every year, on April 1st, children and people of any age play jokes and share a great time.

April Fools’ Day is all about people commemorating the importance of having good humor in life by pranking their friends with any kind of foolish invention, with a free pass thanks to the special holiday.

Above all, the aim is to create lifetime memories by an awesome and unexpected hoax. Here are some facts about this day!

  1. There are more than 12 countries that celebrate this holiday distributed in 3 continents: Canada, United States, Brazil, El Salvador, Venezuela and Mexico in America. In Europe, Belgium, the Spanish, the Finnish, the Scottish, Italians, the French, Croatians, the Portuguese, the Irish, the Polish, Austrians, celebrate it as well. The list also includes Australia.
  2. 'Día de los Inocentes'. Despite the fact that Hispanic countries celebrate some sort of “Fools' Day", they do it on another date. December 28th is known as the "Holy Innocents Day", a religious holiday which commemorates the massacre of the first martyrs of Catholicism. 
  3. Easter-Fools' Day- Sometimes, Easter and April Fools' Day can coincide the same day. According to, the phenomenon or more coincidence happened last year because the Easter festivity is set based on the moon activity, it is established the "Sunday after the first full moon of spring". That is why some people attribute the celebration to the beginning of the spring.
  4. Prank food (Soft prank). As Food Network reviews, there are many dishes that can surprise a prankster's guests, like the baked potato-ice cream. If someone is trying to play a non-harmful joke they can invite some guests and give them the baked potato ice cream. The secret is that, when they try it, it will taste like delicious cocoa powder.
  5. As a final tip, we just recommend anyone to be careful on that day. From diaries, radio stations, weather forecast to many other mass media channels have tricked their audiences by transmitting fake alarming news.

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