Importance of accuracy in technical translation

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Importance of accuracy in technical translation

All technical documents need to be accurate in order to be efficient. Besides, this type of content should reflect the brand image of the company. Technical translation covers translation of documents produced by technical writers including for instance manuals or user guides, and the nature of these documents is why the translation needs the highest standards in precision and accuracy.

Linguistic quality is important for the readability of the text, but without subject-specific terms, there is big loss because what matters the most is that the target audience understands the text in the same intention with which the source text was written.

Accurate document are the result of a series of factors. It all starts with ensuring the right team is involved and communicate regularly with one another. Later, you will need a translator with a mix of good linguistic skills and a sufficient level of subject matter expertise. The job of a translator is not only about translating the content from the source to the target language while adhering to the expectations of the client, but also to interpret the inherent nuances of the language, which originates in the habits, culture and social situation of the targeted country.

In the specific case of technical documents, translators need special background on the field so that they are able to replace the vocabulary and expressions needed, along with subject matter and other client-specific criteria. Therefore, translation requires more than comprehensive language skills; it requires also overall understanding of the source and target language. The thing with technical translations is that subject matter plays a significant role because every language has some words with different definitions.

Many associations offer these benefits and many others such as representation and promotion of interests. This arises the question of Once the expected quality requirements have been defined and the individual technical terms are appropriately translated and validated in a terminology management system, the technical terms must be put together in sentences that are readable and can be understood easily. The command a translator has over the source and target language will help them present the text in a way that satisfies the client and the target readers can understand without any omissions or additions without deviating from the tone and meaning of the document.

Accuracy is a critical quality in translation documents in general but it is probably even more critical in technical translation. Accuracy can be achieved thanks to subject matter expertise and linguistic skills going hand in hand.

Most people consider that, in the case of technical translations, subject matter expertise should be given priority. A translator can convey the meaning using different strategies, using their expertise and being able to complement that level of expertise thanks to their linguistic skills.






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