Common jobs in the translation industry

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Common jobs in the translation industry

The translation industry is constantly growing and thought translators are the most prominent professionals, there are many other career fields in this industry.

Translation is about allowing communication while converting the information from a source language to a target language. This process often involves different roles including Project Managers, Editors, Proofreaders, among others.

When the process of converting from a source language to a target one takes place in an oral way, it’s called interpreting, so interpreters are also part of the translation sector. Want to know more about the common job in this industry? Here’s a list with them:


They work with “document translation” so their job is basically related to written material. They can work as in-house translators or as freelancers. Nowadays, the latter represents the larger percentage.

Project Managers

These professional receive a project straight from the client and later assign them to translators, along with the required resources. They are constantly working to connect people in different countries and they get to choose who works with them.


They are in charge of revising the translation provided by the translator. The goal is to work on the terminology the translator chose in order to make the document look like produced by a native speaker. They can also improve the quality of the writing.


They are usually ‘the last revision’. Their role is to ensure there are not remaining glitches on the document so it can be forwarded to the client.

Sale Professionals

Also known as business developers or account managers. Their role is to sell translation projects to prospective clients. They have to deal with the challenge of educating clients about the actual needs of the project such as time or rate.


They are in charge of “oral translation”. Interpreters can provide their services in multiple ways, including in the client site, over the phone, video, etc.

Localization Engineers

A localization engineer focuses on technical aspects of larger translation projects. They are involved in website or complex software translation. They also work with details such as converting dates, currencies, measurements units and more.


These professionals work on a translated document to ensure the content fits the design of the original document. As languages vary substantially sometimes, some of them are wordier than others, which may lead to losing the original format. This is where typesetters enter the scene, they edit texts, resize the text placeholders and even handle the process of “adaptation” to make the content have a native touch.






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