All you need to know about cat tools

All you need to know about cat tools

All you need to know about cat tools

Computer Aided Translation tools, or simply known as CAT tools, are an important asset. Today, translation is more important than ever due to a globalized world where the demand for multilingual documentation keeps growing.

The volumes of work translation agencies manage are increasing and the turnaround time required is getting shorter. CAT tools are a kind of software designed to facilitate the translation process with different tools. They allow the user to store previous translations, as well as original texts in a database.

In the same way, they help check if there are previously translated sentences in the source text, along with repetitions that can be reused. When the text contains a similar expression, the software will make appropriate suggestions. This feature is known as Translation memory and helps reduce time and costs.

Another important feature that CAT tools offer is the terminology database. A database is like a dictionary that the translation can configure. It’s up to them to choose the languages, the terms and classify such terms.

Why are CAT tools so important?

  • One of the biggest advantages of using CAT tools is that it can help increase productivity. Given the expansion of the translation industry across languages, cultures and industries, Computer Aided Translation tools were created with the aim to help translators. They are great for ensuring higher consistency throughout the document while reducing the turnaround time for projects. With these tools, translators can translate bigger quantities easily. The most important thing to consider when spending money on a translation is that the words and expressions are consistent whether it’s a website manual, newsletter, PR, etc.
  • Quality is another important advantage. Most CAT tools offer quality assurance since they count with grammar and spelling checkers as well as a detector for punctuation, format or numbers inaccuracies.
  • Another significant aspect is the variety of source files that the software can handle. They allow users to work with graphics, web-based formats, desktop published files, artwork, etc., meaning that almost all file types can be processed and translated with a CAT tool.
  • Moreover, these tools often include project management benefits that allow project managers to work with a variety of projects at the same time including multiple target languages. Apart from this, PMs can set-up “handoff packages” and share it with different translators. Each package contains the translatable file, due date, job status, among others. This offers the PM the possibility to check the status report of each package easily so there is no need to send multiple emails to check on the progress of each translator.


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