With TranslatorPub Plus you will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of your translation projects in an efficient and reliable way.
TPPlus is a web system developed to help you manage your project lifecyles and achieve exceptional results with our easy-to-use system.

TPPlus beta arrived, you can have a brief demo here:


You can create your own account to test it or you can use the following credentials:


  • User: client
  • Password: test

As a Client you can Create private Projects, View your private projects, and you can create new users like a Project Manager.


  • User: vendor
  • Password: test

As a Vendor, you can see all projects published in the system, you can see projects that you have been assigned, and you should be able to see tasks created for you related to a project.

Project manager:

  • User: projectmanager
  • Password: test

With a Project Manager account, you can see all projects that are published in the system, when you open a project you can approve/deny projects, in the same form you can assign vendors to a project.

Early Bird Offer 1,399 EUR instead of 2,499 EUR
Monthly fee 129 EUR instead of 199 EUR
(for up to 5 PMs)

For the early bird special offer. Please contact info@translatorpub.com